Therazene Gas

Therazene Glass

Therazene geysers occur naturally at varying depths, in all environments. Therazene is corrosive and will damage you if you come into contact with it. Unlike Vespene and Amaranthine, the geyser will not explode when drilled into.

To gather Therazene, simply find patches of earth emanating bright flashes of blue gas and drill into them. The bigger the puffs, the closer the geyser is. Upgraded optics makes locating gas and geysers much easier.


Will refuel your oxygen by 5000 units per 1 item.

One of four items needed to craft a 'Radar pulse'.

Can be found at:Edit

  1. Aerial Planet: 0-50 altitude
  2. Terrestrial Planet: 50-100 depth
  3. Aquatic  Planet: 100-150 depth