Does not occur naturally.

Plasma appears when gas is ignited under extreme pressures, conditions which appear when a geysers detonates.

Vespene and Amaranthine geysers can be detonated simply by digging into them, though the resulting blast can be strong enough to kill you unless sufficiently upgraded. Vespene, Amaranthine and Therazene geysers can all be detonated safely using dynamite.

Plasma is obtained automatically when a Vespene, Amaranthine or Therazene geyser detonates.


Crafting Material


Carbon Fiber Tubes

Can be found atEdit

  1. Amaranthine Gas deposit
  2. Vespene Gas deposit
  3. Therazene Gas deposit

Make sure you have much HP (over 50% I guess) or you will die(with your hard earned gas,mineral,ect)!