Fungus Spores

Fungus Spores

Terrestrial environments are home to fat, fleshy, purple, fungus growths. These mushrooms are stimulated by vibrations, swelling up and then spewing out their spores.

These spores will cling to you, temporarily reducing the efficiency of your upgrades, but they are also very useful in your research.

To collect spores either come into contact with a spore cloud, or simply drill into the mushroom.


Crafting material

When infected:Edit

The fungus spores would heavily reduce your digging speed to a crawl but helps in a few ways to help gather some resources.

A few examples would be Aberrant Matter, Lava Drops, Uranium, more Fungus Spores and Chitin.

All these resources need you to drill causing vibrations to harvest them so with a heavily reduced speed of drilling but constant vibrations per second, you can get said resources while drilling less causing you to possibly accidentally destroy your path back up.

The only downside to this are when gathering Viscera and Strange Gloop. Viscera because of you digging slow, you would have to adjust your timing if the Viscera is not on a single platform, Strange Gloop is obvious because too many vibrations would cause it to leak out and be lost.

Can be found at:Edit

Terrestrial Planet: 0-250 depth

Fungus critter

Spore Mushrooms